A Little About Me

Born in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts, I grew up collecting quartz, geodes, water-tumbled stones, and fossils. From high school, I moved to the Boston area, went to Tufts University, and built a career in publishing. After 10 years of city living, I “ran away to sea” to live and cook on the windjammers of midcoast Maine.

I’ve lived in Maine for over 30 years. Like many Mainers, I’ve had multiple careers, including freelance design & photography, working at Down East Magazine, cooking, and high tech. Four years ago I took a class in bracelet making; I loved it. What started as a two-hour class became part of my life. I work mostly with stones and tumbled glass; each stone is different, and the patterns and colors call me. My pieces are available on this site and in Northport, Maine at The Scone Goddess.

Thanks to all of you that have expressed interest in my pieces, who have gently nudged, pushed, and shoved me in this direction. I could never have done this without you.